Brett Gibson

Our real-life Superman, our head coach and owner of Kal-El CrossFit, Coach

Brett stumbled upon CrossFit randomly while surfing through You Tube videos

about 4 years ago and has lived and breathed all things CrossFit ever since.   

He comes from an extensive Sports background in High School Wrestling and

Football, as well as Football at the College level at McDaniel and Catawba

Colleges.  He regularly uses the teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership

skills he developed during his earlier sports career while coaching and

mentoring his athletes and molding the community here at Kal-El.  

“I love coaching CrossFit, because it reminds me of my Wrestling days, back in High School.  I remember wanting to get better at certain things, and recognizing how important the coaching and team support system was in advancing and improving my skills and performance.  I love that now that I am a coach, I can provide that support system to others.  I strive to bring that support to anyone and everyone who walks through Kal-El CrossFit’s doors. If you want to get better, I will stay there right alongside of you until you succeed (or until I annoy you, whichever comes first), because I believe in your capabilities, even when you don’t.”

Brett has his Level One CrossFit Trainer Certification, as well as a specialty certification in CrossFit Weightlifting.  He plans to also obtain a specialty certification in Aerobic Capacity and Gymnastics with CrossFit later this Fall.  

What does Coach Brett like to do when he is not overseeing the operation of Kal-El CrossFit or working out?...  Well, more CrossFit of course!  You’ll find him watching Olympic Lifting technique videos, and other CrossFit videos and devising up the latest WODs for the gym's upcoming weeks programming.   He also loves relaxing and watching non-workout movies (sometimes) with Coach Wendy and updating their new home they just purchased together.  


Wendy Flannery

Coach Wendy began her health and fitness career on the nutrition side of the

industry.  She received her Bachelor’s in Dietetics from Rutgers University,

and her Master’s in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.  She

is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian and holds specialty certifications in

Adult Weight Management, Sports Dietetics and Diabetes Education.  She has

successfully owned her own private practice consultant company for the past

9 years, Contemporary Nutrition where she sees clients for Sports Nutrition

and Medical Nutrition Therapy as well as contracts with Insurance Companies

and local Behavioral Health facilities to provide Dietitian services.  

She was introduced to CrossFit by her Aunt over seven years ago and hasn’t looked back since.  She was very active in the competitive side of CrossFit for several years, until she decided to focus her efforts more on the coaching side of CrossFit. She holds her Level One CrossFit Trainer Certification, as well as a specialty certification in CrossFit Weightlifting.  She plans to also obtain specialty certifications in Aerobic Capacity and Gymnastics with CrossFit later this Fall.  

“What I love about CrossFit is that literally anyone, of any age, any physical ability or inability, can succeed at CrossFit. I love how it uncovers a side of people they never thought was inside of them, and love experiencing their joy with them when members accomplish milestones they never thought were possible.”

You’ll find Coach Wendy helping with some behind the scenes tasks of Kal-El’s business operations as well as coaching the night time classes and the introductory Forge Class. When she’s not coaching or working one of her many daytime nutrition jobs, she loves watching movies and relaxing and tackling DIY projects with Coach Brett at their new home together.


Cody Birdsall 

As soon as Cody walked through our doors, we knew he was going to become

something pretty spectacular in the world of CrossFit.  Coach Cody came to

Kal-El in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the community aspect of

CrossFit and how its functional fitness components translate into everyday

life.  His passion for CrossFit was so strong, he obtained his Level One

CrossFit Certification in the beginning of 2018 and plans to continue his

CrossFit coaching education to one day achieve his Level Four CrossFit

Certification.  He has 8 years experience in the U.S Navy as a Corpsman and

is currently finishing up his last couple semesters of Nursing School to

obtain his RN.  Once he earns his RN title, he plans to work in the field

of Behavioral Health.      

“I want to utilize my career as a Nurse, and my passion for CrossFit to help people transform their lives into something better.  I want to help others be as healthy as they can be and have the highest quality of life as possible.  CrossFit is the first community I could really call home, and I want to open that possibility up to anybody and everyone who is interested in bettering themselves in a safe, and comfortable environment”.   

Cody programs and coaches our Introductory Forge Class at 7pm Monday-Thursday & Saturdays at 8am, as well as our Summer Youth Classes.   When he’s not coaching or studying you’ll find him spending time with his dog, Sir or grinding away at GHD Annie until he conquers that PR time he’s been working hard towards.   

Katie Nelson 

Coach Katie was born with a rare juvenile inflammatory bone disorder, which

limited her physical capabilities in Sports & Fitness until she was about

sixteen. Growing up, these physical limitations sparked a desire within her

and she was determined to become a well-rounded athlete. 

Katie started weightlifting and obtained her personal training certification

through AFPA at age 19.  By age 22, she swore in as an officer for the Delaware

Natural Resources Police, winning the Fittest Recruit Award for her Academy

Class. Shortly after, she became a CrossFit athlete, seeking a different style of

training that was more applicable to her career. In 2013, she obtained her

CrossFit Level One Trainer, began coaching and competing at neighborhood CrossFit boxes and also coached Special Olympics Power Lifting.  Since coaching here at Kal-El CrossFit, Katie has earned her CrossFit Level Two Trainer Certification and plans to obtain specialty certifications for CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Law Enforcement, and CrossFit Striking in the near future.  

“My favorite aspect of coaching is to see people of all ages and abilities achieve their goals and push beyond their limits to do things they never thought possible.  I would love to start a local CrossFit Law Enforcement Program and a local Steve’s Club for underprivileged Youth to give back and share my love of CrossFit with the outside community”.  

You’ll find Katie and all of her energy coaching our morning classes at 6am during the week days.  When she’s not working or coaching, you’ll find her chasing after her adorable daughter Nadiya, and preparing for the birth of her second daughter coming soon! 


Joey Petrone 

Coach Joey began his CrossFit career about 4 years ago with Brett and

his brother at another local CrossFit box.  At first, he just supplemented

his training regimen with some CrossFit components, but soon after

made the full shift over to full-time CrossFit training.  Joey has a lot of

sports specific experience from playing football and baseball growing up.

He has his Associate’s Degree is Exercise Science and will be graduating

with his Bachelor’s Degree in Movement Science this Summer.  He

currently holds his CrossFit Level One Certification as well as a specialty

certification in CrossFit Weightlifting.  He plans to conquer pretty much

every certification CrossFit has to offer, but has his sights first set on the

Level Two Trainer, Aerobic Capacity, Gymnastics and Conjugate Methods certifications.  He would also love to obtain his Precision Nutrition and Mobility WOD certifications in the very near future as well.   

“I love CrossFit because the constantly varied workouts are always fun and challenging and because of the community. I really love coaching CrossFit because I love helping individuals accomplish things in the gym they never thought they would and love seeing the confidence and happiness it brings into the rest of their everyday life”. 

Joey has been a great resource for Kal-El CrossFit’s athletes with his scholastic knowledge and warm-up routines.  You’ll find Joey helping coach a variety of class times at the box, day and night, as well as helping coach The Forge Introductory Class Mon-Thurs at 7pm.   When he’s not Cross Fitting, you’ll find Joey traveling and using his functional fitness abilities hiking and enjoying the outdoors.  


Kal-El CrossFit